Our Tutors

About them

Most of all, our tutors are friendly and approachable. The most effective tuition will occur between a tutor and student when they have a great rapport between them. We only provide tutors with such nature- so you can be assured the tutor we provide you with will help the student academically achieve in a fun environment. 


We match up each student personally with a tutor. A tutor will only be allocated when they effectively meet the student's academic requirements and be a suitable choice according to the information you provide us.


Our Tutors are highly skilled in their subject/s of choice. They all have  extensive academic achievements;  scoring band 6's, dux of their school and all rounder awards.


Most are continuing their studies in the area they tutor. we have tutors studying across a wide range of top universities

Hi, I'm Isabelle! I graduated from Pittwater High School completing Advanced Maths. I just started studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport and Exercise Science) at Sydney University and am excited to further my understanding. I love tutoring as it is rewarding to see improvements in the students' grades and for them to gain greater confidence. Other than tutoring, I enjoy playing soccer and spending time with friends.

Hi, my name is Jade and I graduated achieving all band 5’s and 6’s in the HSC. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, majoring in both politics and international relations and economics at the University of Sydney. I am experienced in working with kids and passionate about helping other students to gain confidence and success in their studies. I am enthusiastic and eager to tutor both primary and high school students in Math, English, History, Geography, Economics and Aboriginal studies.


Hi, my name is Dane and I’m a graduate from Freshwater Senior Campus. I received an ATAR of 98.2, achieving the highest band in Chemistry, Ext 1 and Ext 2 Maths, all of which I am capable of sharing extensive knowledge on. I am currently pursuing my dream dual degree in Computer Science and Advanced Mathematics at UNSW. In my free time, I enjoy hitting the beach and playing video games with friends.

Hi there! My name is Ben and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Macquarie University. I'm majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physics. I received my HSC in 2018 and, since, have revised over the new syllabus and learnt a lot from my experiences in and out of school. Now, I'm keen to help students and give them the confidence to succeed! Other than studying, I enjoy: bodyweight training, a plant-based whole-foods diet, and hanging out with my friends.

Hi, I'm Jai! I achieved Band 6's in all 12 of my units, from Extension 2 Maths to Ancient History and Music 2, attaining a 99.60 ATAR. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering Honours and Bachelor of Science at USYD. My goal is to guide you through problems and skill development to allow for self-confidence and the tools for self-improvement, creatively linking principals to make a student's approach more enlightening. As I gained more experience throughout high school, I learnt methods for staying motivated and engaged while sticking true to what I enjoyed. Be it from skills in essay writing and text deconstruction to mastering problem solving principles in maths and physics.

Hey, I’m Emma! I graduated from Pittwater high school and am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) at Sydney University, with my second teaching being biology/science. I am passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge, experience and passion with students to help them understand concepts, and achieve their own goals.

Hi, I'm Zoë! I really enjoy tutoring because I love learning and helping students improve academically. I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Sydney and am very passionate about English and French. A few of my hobbies include reading, listening to music, card games, and baking. 

Hi! My name is Calvin, and I’m a 2020 high school graduate, currently studying Maths and Computer Science at UNSW. I’m looking to put all the knowledge I’ve gathered over my years of schooling to use, by helping guide and tutor younger students. I know that studying and learning new content can be difficult and daunting at times because I’ve experienced it myself. That’s why I’ve committed to always having a friendly and approachable attitude, so students can feel comfortable around me and achieve higher than ever. 

Hi my name is Lara and I graduated from Abbotsleigh. I am currently undertaking a bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sydney. I prioritise student wellbeing through forgoing meaningful connections with my students whilst simultaneously maximising individual academic success. By catering to specific student needs, I aim to increase my students’ confidence and enjoyment of their subjects.

Hi, my name is Ella W and I'm looking forward to working with you to achieve your personal best. I enjoy tutoring as I get to work with students and their families to help students grow and reach their potential in school. In tutoring sessions, I will work with you to see what areas you feel least confident in or would like to practice more and will work with you to develop strategies to improve and build your confidence. I love going for walks and going to the beach with my friends! I received all Band 5 & 6's in my HSC. 

Hi, my name is Sid. I'm a tutor with experience in helping students excel at Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Having graduated from school in 2019 and now studying a Bachelor of Science (Adv. Mathematics/Commerce) at UNSW, I am familiar with the new HSC curriculum and have helped students achieve their academic goals. In my spare time I am a rock and blues enthusiast and enjoy playing the guitar.

Hi, I’m Nick! I’m in my second year of studying Mechatronic Engineering and Physics at the University of Sydney. I specialise in teaching STEM subjects and  I'm also very passionate about English and French, having performed highly in these areas in my HSC. I would love to share the ideas and knowledge that I’ve accumulated over my years of study, as well as the techniques and study skills that will help you to manage the stress of school and perform to the best of your abilities.